For the past 10 years, Rattapallax magazine has been on the forefront of introducing readers with compelling literature, poetry, films and ideas from around the world. Timeout magazine has called the literary journal “the visceral, multimedia hit of poetry.” Rattapallax (issue 21), edited by Flávia Rocha, is now launching its first FREE APP issue for iPad — the natural path to a magazine that has been always committed to literature in various forms, medias and languages.


Cyberfest 2012

For the 6th Annual Edition, CYBERFEST 2012 explores the impacts of art and technology on society’s future through a 6 day multidisciplinary event titled ‘AT HEAVEN’S DOOR’. Exhibits, events and performances across St Petersburg’s top cultural venues present varied perspectives on the physical state of international New Media and the metaphysical directions it leads society.

Educational Program @ Ermitage State Museum

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Sonic Sculpture @ Hermitage



Machine Libertine Live @ New Holland, St. Petersburg

Альманах [ Транслит ] провел 25 июля очередной эпизод Фестиваля поэзии на острове — при поддержке культурного пространства «Новая Голландия» и на одноименном острове.

Лекционная часть фестивальной программы посвящена новаторским подходам к описанию феномена современного поэтического письма, где Наталья Федорова рассказала о текущем состоянии генеративной поэзии, и вместе с Тарасом Машталиром продемонстрировала материал Machine Libertine.